Analysis of IP Portfolios

Analysis of portfolios can serve many purposes, such as estimating the current monetary value of a portfolio, determining if there’s a need to file continuations and/or divisionals, help make key decisions regarding the future path of a company and more.

In a highly competitive era, it’s important to rely on data that is as accurate as possible in order to make the best decisions. Our analysis strategy is based on years of experience in the IP field, and you can rest assured that you are getting the best assessment and analysis out there.

IP portfolio analysis involves technology, financial and other practical issues.

Raising the company value by building an IP portfolio

  • MGI - Sokal Group has built a portfolio of digital media for Live Picture Corporation
    A short time later, MGI has acquired Live Picture

    The fair value of the company MGI rose from $ -20,000,000 to $ -200 000 000 within three months, following the acquisition of the portfolio of Live Picture, which greatly helped position it as a leader in online digital media


    eMotion - As preparations for the sale of the company, we received offers for the acquisition of the IP portfolio of eMotion leading companies such as Harris Broadcast and Getty Images.
    The company was eventually sold thanks to the value of the portfolio, we found that EMotion, the methods of our estimate.

    Finjan - Sokal Group has built a very strong portfolio company Finjan in information security. Finjan later sold permission to use its portfolio to Microsoft.

Sales and Franchising

A leading company in the media -

We analyzed its IP portfolio and identified that own sub-complete portfolio can be sold and / or to license it.
Mediation the sale of sub-portfolios for the client, and he later sold the portfolio to a third party

An internal patent agency

For a franchise of content (Content licensing) -
We have identified and evaluated, according to the customer's request, over 75 invention patents client's candidacy
We raised the pace of their patent submissions between 5 and 8 year
We have implemented customized design process that ensures important inventions patent will soon
We did order the customer in the field of IP enabling it to better control its IP budget


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