This is the initial stage in which the client discloses the invention to us in detail. It’s a type of kick-start meeting for the entire prosecution process, after which we prepare and draft a patent application for the client’s review and comment.


At this stage we prepare a draft for the relevant patent office(s) world-wide. Before filing, we send it back to the client to make sure it’s accurate, complete and aligned with the client’s intentions.


After the client is satisfied with his application, we proceed to file it. The filing includes various formal documents, such as Application Data Sheet, invention declaration, Information Disclosure Statement, specification, drawings, claims, assignment and more.


After we file the patent application, we receive an action in which the examiner at the patent office raises any rejections regarding the claims of the invention in terms of novelty, inventive step and more. This type of communication is called an “office action”.  We prepare responses to office actions, including arguments overcoming any rejections and including claim amendments as appropriate.


The examiner allows the application, and after we pay the Issue Fee, the application becomes an issued patent! Usually this stage happens about 2 years from the initial filing, although, it can be accelerated by choosing to file the patent under “track 1”, which is more expensive.

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