Are you an outside of the box thinker? It’s time to profit!

Soquel Group is a leading patent company, not only in Israel, but around the world as well. As a patent boutique, our job is to ensure that your idea is protected from infringers, and that you get due reward from it. Our team supports you with your IP transactions so that you are ensured a favorable outcome.

We can prepare and file your provisional patent applications within days to ensure that your idea is quickly protected, and so that you have the opportunity of time to decide if and where you should file non-provisional patent(s). A provisional is a temporary, inexpensive patent application that holds your priority (“saves your spot”) for a year.

We at Soquel Group understand and appreciate the beauty of a creative mind, and do all we can to facilitate technological growth and expansion.

Although the patent prosecution process is elaborate, our extensive experience allows us to advance through it flawlessly.

The nice thing about a patent and IP protection in general, is that it motivates people to be creative and develop new ideas all the time. Intellectual property protection allows people to prevent others from profiting unfairly from their inventions. Once you own a patent – the invention is yours to keep for up to 20 years.

Express yourselves creatively. Profit along the way.

Together we can make this world really awesome.

Express yourselves creatively. Profit along the way.

On the business side, patents and other IP increase a company’s value exponentially.  They are an integral part of a company’s assets and reflect the significance of the company’s R&D.

The value of a patent derives from many factors, such as broadness/strength of its claims, advancement, what need(s) it addresses, and more. Use these factors to ensure the success of your creative invention.

Who are we?

We are a team of technology enthusiasts. We enjoy cutting-edge inventions and simply love what’s out there. Our company serves as a platform and an interface with state-of-the-art inventions in numerous areas. Our attitude has brought us much success in the past, and we are happy to invite you to become a part of the Soquel Group family. We prosecuted over 1000 patents to issuance world-wide and work with leading edge companies in a wide variety of technology fields. The prosecution process generally proceeds through disclosure, drafting, filing, examination, office actions, allowance and issuance. Upon examination, the examiner may decide that the invention is not novel and/or inventive and reject the application. We are professionals at prosecuting patents through issuance. We understand what the examiners are looking for, and know how to use that to your advantage. We work as non-invasively as possible, so as to ensure that our clients are not burdened and side-tracked from their day-to-day work. We update our clients every step along the way and keep them involved to the extent that they wish to be involved. 

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