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About us

Soquel Group is one of the leading patent companies in Israel.  Soquel specializes in patent prosecution as well as trademark registration.  We extend our services worldwide.  Our services include everything relating to intellectual property: prosecution, IP transactions, patentability, validity and freedom to operate searches, and conducting due diligence for companies that own IP portfolios.

We can file a provisional patent application within days.  A provisional application is a temporary patent application that protects your invention for a year and gives you time to decide how to proceed.

We are professionals in preparing patent applications.  Our team can articulate the invention and prepare a patent application quickly.  We ensure that the invention is well-protected.

We at Soquel Group understand the value and importance of having a broad IP portfolio, and the power and strength it adds to a company.  We encourage people to give way to their creative side and to express themselves.

Be at the leading edge of technology.  Help make this world a better and more advanced place to live in.  Find solutions for present needs, and contact us for the protection and support of your ideas.

We at Soquel Group feel privileged to be direct contributors to a happier world.

few words about us

Soquel Group has prosecuted thousands of patents worldwide, and is one of the top IP companies in Israel. The prosecution process generally progresses through disclosure, drafting, filing, examination, office action(s), allowance and issuance. Upon examination the examiner may say that the invention is not novel and reject the application. Our talented team finds novelty of inventions and drafts claims so as to ensure that your patent applications have a very good chance of issuance and value. Leave us your details and we’ll get back to you today!

Our activities around the world

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